Hip surgery

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The experienced specialists of our orthopedic surgical center MVZ Vitalis in Berlin-Buckow are experts in the field of hip joint surgery. Among others, we treat the following diseases of the hip and perform necessary operations.

Arthrosis / Cartilage Damage:
Arthrosis is the wear and tear of the hip joint. Our orthopedic center offers a wide range of conservative and surgical therapies for this disease.

Bottleneck Syndrome (Impingement):
A bottleneck or impingement syndrome in orthopedics is a functional impairment of joint mobility. It is usually caused by the deterioration of tendon material.

Hip Necrosis:
The typical symptom of femoral head necrosis is a sudden pain in the groin area. The bone tissue in the area of the femoral head dies due to circulatory disorders.

Below is a list of some of the surgical procedures we specialize in:

  • Osteotomies (alignment correction)
  • Arthroplasty, resurfacing procedures, minimally invasive surgery (short stem and standard stem), revision arthroplasty
  • Impingement surgery (arthroscopy)
  • Cartilage surgery (arthroscopy)
  • Labrum surgery, including reconstruction, repair, and debridement (arthroscopy)
  • Fracture surgery (open reduction and internal fixation of fractures)